A tribute to home-cooking in the Lagoon

For more than 1300 years, herbs, blossoms, and spices from all over the world passed through Venice, premier trading hub in the Mediterranean. At the same time, surprisingly exotic gardens were created in the Lagoon, where essenze (spices, herbs and blossoms) were taking well:

In our online classes, a surprising and fragrant 1300-year-old heritage comes to life: Join us on an exciting voyage through the four episodes of Venetian fusion cuisine, based on food growing in the lush gardens of the Lagoon!

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There is so much you tell us that I had never known. The story of Venice is fascinating and so much more complex than I had once thought. It's like looking at someone with new eyes. - Chris Bean

For me, La Venessiana has always stood out from other websites because of its very personal insights and real beauty – it is so beautiful! - reflecting the personality of your incomparable city. It is filled with information I never knew, and is a joy for me. - Janet Rant