Carnevale in Cucina

Il Carnevale dei Veneziani: How we celebrate in Venice. Food and drinks guide, banquets in palaces, colorful fairs and legends taking you back to the roots of Carnival in Venice.

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    2 e-books (48 pages each), program for 3-days of Carnival in Venice, Carnival recipe collection, guide for photographers, and bonuses.

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Culinary Carnival treats + secret stories

Outside, it is still winter in the Lagoon. And sometimes, a light snow cover envelops the gondolas in the morning. Carneval starts during the darkest weeks of the year, and takes us to the beginning of spring light. 

So colors and flavors are much-needed during this time of the year! This is probably the reason why food and drink in Venice look more colorful, luxurious and exotic than ever. Precious spices and flower essences from roses, violets and mimosa become favorite ingredients, as many historical recipes are coming to life.

Not only do banquets in palaces along the Grand Canal and all over the city take place. For the past eight years or so, Venetians have been awakening the old culinary specialties to new life, only now offered in a number restaurants here in Venice. 

See what Carnival was like in the 1980s, how it developed to include exhibitions on artisan work and culinary heritage, and soul food recipes from Venetian home cooking. We're also sharing Carnival walks, a luxury menu by Le Bistrot de Venise, the unknown facets of its historical background, and more surprises! For all of you who have never seen Carnival, and those who want to return but discover the complete picture.

What is Carnival in Venice like?

Red velvet sauces accompanied by Siclian red wine or Amarone. Fuming winter drinks made from fig liquor, ginger and coffee, whose recipes go back 700 years. And of course, the famous Carnival bakeries - there are four kinds of frittelles and seven other sweet cakes that Venetians have traditionally loved to eat during Carnival. So much to rediscover, for Venetians as well as for visitors! 

As you can see, eEperiencing the authentic Carnival is so much more than wearing costumes and masks. Or, coming to winter during a time when the city is supposed to wake up from its hibernation.Carnevale is an ancient lifestyle, shaped by artists and artisans long ago, and rules laid down by the Serenissima Republic. Carnival started much earlier and lasted much longer than it does in our times, but in any case, it was briding a gap in a season when life was difficult in a Lagoon exposed to high tides and winter storms. Carnival was embellishing the blue-and-pale-grey afternoons of late winter in the Lagoon. If Carnival in Venice was just a commercial venture, we would never write about it. We share with you impressions and details you may have missed, historical recipes, and the Venetian perspective of a feast whose roots go back to 2 February 973.


Discovered your website today and just want to say how well written, informative and delightful it is. Have spent hours reading your every word. Have noted down your wonderful recommendations, the restaurants, bars, bakeries, specialities, etc. And plan to try them all. Just wanted to say a huge thank you

Janet Cloke

What's inside: e-book + virtual walks + a surprise!

Part One: The E-Book: Myths, stories, a day in Venice during Carnival + itineraries

If there's one color that comes up in our mind in connection with Carnival, it's red velvet. The opposing color group to the greyish blue light of February in the Lagoon is reflected in the drinks and dishes you can now taste in Venice, in bacari, cafes and in luxury restaurants.

Here you can discover their stories, recipes, which includes an introduction on how la stagione del Carnevale - Carnival stories, and how Carnival lifestyle shaped fashion in Venice for centuries. Plus, we’ll share a little style challenge, sharing examples of how to dress in the elegant Venetian manner. And finally, you'll learn to decipher the language of Venetian masks.

Even though we are in late winter, the tables in Venice are opulent, colorful, filled with red and pink culinary delights! In this part of the book, you’ll discover the Venetian Carnival cuisine, sophisticated and simple. Includes a special menu by Le Bistrot de Venise.

We'll then spend one day in Venice during Carnival, with tips for a stylish breakfast, lunch at a bacaro, and the opulent dinner - which will be a surprise!

Part Two: Favorite Carnival editions, exhibitions, and Carnival in 1980.

During this exceptional year 2021, we take the time to look back on past Carnival editions and exhibitions, and a very special treat: Watch an exclusive film taking you back to a compelling family story set during Carnival 1980. It's so heartwarming to watch our lively yet heartwarming city, 40 years ago.

Part Three: Il Carnevale dei veneziani - our Venetian Carnival in 2021

A very personal selection of 60 + links for you to follow and enjoy during Carnival in 2021. Live events, culinary treats, and more, keeping you up to date and helping you prepare a visit to Venice during Carnival, as soon as traveling is possible again.

Carnevale in Cucina

A virtual visit to discover the authentic Venetian Carnival and its culinary specialties: Secret stories, recipes, virtual Carnival walk, the secret Carnival codes, plus: Carnival menu, bacaro and coffee tips, and the historical background.