A food memoir of the Lagoon, filled with seasonal recipes and glimpses of the past and present.

Inspiration from Venice for you, month after month: Discover stories, ancedotes, recipes, glimpses of daily life and portraits of people and places: A home base for you to return regularly and enjoy the culinary year in Venice. You'll also taste Nonna Lina's family recipes!

Classic, Disappearing, and Lost Dishes. A peek into generations-old family recipes and a digital and ongoing memoir of Venice and the Lagoon.

  • 12 months in Venice

    Learn to cook gourmet menus as the seasons come and go in the Lagoon. Watch our virtual cooking classes and surprise your family with a Venetian menu!

  • The Community

    It's like having a private Venice guide and kitchen coach: Ask any question about Venice, the Lagoon and food in our community, filled with prompts and recipes.

  • Virtual Visits

    Enjoy one virtual visit per month to a Lagoon island, and a virtual walk around Venice: Secret itineraries between the past, present and future! Come along!

  • Le Mie Ricette - Lina's Book

    We'lll soon publish Lina's culinary Lagoon book LA CUCINA DEL CUORE! As a member of the Culinary Club, you receive the e-book FOR FREE! Yours to download and enjoy!

  • Culinary Library

    BONUS! As member, you receive access to our seasonal e-book series ESSENZE DI VENEZIA: Carnival, spring and Easter recipes, El Redentor and forgotten summer flavors, Venetian street food, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

  • Hidden Venice Stories

    Every month, enjoy av virtual walk with us to discover a hidden spot in Venice and its story: Explore Venetian places, habits and customs, and the history and fun facts behind legendary Venetian dishes!

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Laguna in Cucina - Winter 2021/22

Inside the Membership. These are examples of episodes. Currently, more than 135 are available, plus the e-book series. Here's what you can expect in December 2021.

  • The Almanac: December in Venice starts out humid and freezing, on a deep blue note. Discover monthly flavors, colors, and market glimpses.

  • Making winter fennel bread, crema fritta and other winter sweet breads.

  • The Venetian Santa Lucia traditions: Illuminating the Christmas tree and eating Santa Lucia vanilla saffron cake.

  • Virtual walk: Campiello del vin and the story of sweet wines from the Lagoon.

  • Winter walk: Giardinetti Reali and breakfast at Caffé Florian.

  • The Ambrosia Christmas Menu + Ambrosia sweets and liquor.

I’m a Geographer, I’m passionate about maps, rivers, mountains. For me the Venetian Lagoon is a huge, magical environment, inspiration to Hemingway. A delicate ecological balance between ocean and river, between human intervention and natural processes. Without the lagoon Venice could not have become the supreme maritime nation of the Eastern Mediterranean. An independent republic for 1000 years. Amazing and brilliant work of presenting this incredible city – many, many thanks! - Janet Simmonds

What's inside Laguna in Cucina

Listen to and read Venetian stories, come along on virtual visits around Venice and the markets, learn to cook easy seasonal menus, and explore the Lagoon islands in our videos tours. New content drops weekly (every Tuesday).

    1. Benvenuti - Welcome: How your Membership works

    2. Welcome Audio

    3. What's new in 2022 + a message from us

    4. Get the Laguna in Cucina Emails

    5. The Syllabus August 2020 - July 2022

    6. Community creation and guidelines

    1. The six secrets of the Lagoon

    2. The Lagoon Compass: The Essentials about Venice and the Lagoon

    3. 20 food trends for the 2020s in the Lagoon and in Venice

    4. Index - Quick Links

    1. How to use the culinary library

    2. 1- Summer drinks and street food from Venice

    3. 2- El Redentor - Forgotten Summer Flavors

    4. 3- Le Mie Ricette - Nonna Lina's favorite recipes

    5. 4 - Festa della Salute: Thanksgiving in Venice

    6. 5- The Venetian Christmas Bakery

    7. 6- Carnival flavors from Venice

    1. Welcome back !!

    2. New Year's Day in Venice: Morning walk and breakfast buffet on the terrace

    3. Lina's New Year cake: Torta al limone

    4. The Almanac: January in Venice

    5. Rosa di Natale: Hellebore gardens in Venice

    6. Alajmo - Caffé Quadri's winter cichetti

    7. Detox, Venetian style: Riso alle verze and red wine - onion soup

    8. Risotto al radicchio: Original recipe + story

    9. Pino mugo e miele balsamico: Using pine essences in the kitchen

    10. Lagunario: Dreamy stories from the Lagoon

    11. Discover Marco Polo's neighborhood in Venice

    12. Deep winter menu inspired by Marco Polo

    13. Venetian spice liqueurs and vin brulé

    14. Spumante or prosecco?

    1. The Almanac: December in Venice

    2. The Venetian Advent Calendar

    3. We're starting the holidays with this sweet treat in Venice!

    4. Making dosa calda, a warming winter drink

    5. El Nadalin: December sweet breads by Ristorante Il Ridotto

    6. The Feast of Santa Lucia

    7. Winter traditions, decorating and foraging in the Lagoon

    8. La pinsa, the Venetian Christmas cake

    9. Winter solstice in Venice: Giardinetti Reali and breakfast at Caffé Florian

    10. Campiello del Vin & sweet wines from the Veneto

    11. The ancient green Christmas in Venice

    12. December recipes + Holiday Menu

    13. Ambrosia Solstice Menu

    14. La menestra: Spicy artichoke cream soup

    15. La Pasta: Tagliolini with spicy sultanas-pine nuts Montasio sugo

    16. Soave red wine ragout with spicy polenta and fried radicchio

    17. Il Risotto: Risoto con zafferano e salsa agreste di cipolla rossa

    18. Qahwa: Veneto-Arabian coffee with cardamom

    19. Da Natale all'Epifania: 12 culinary tips to spend the holidays in Venice

    20. A Venetian New Year's Eve Menu

    1. The Almanac: November in Venice

    2. Autumn vibes at Serra dei Giardini

    3. All Saints Day + le favette (historical recipe)

    4. The mapmaker of San Michele: Virtual visit

    5. Campo dei Gesuiti and its little known neighborhood

    6. San Martin in Venice + typical menu

    7. The secret gardens of Ca' Morosini del Giardín

    8. Making myrtle liquor and myrtle saffron cake

    9. La Festa della Salute: Thanksgiving in Venice

    10. Thanksgiving menu from Al Giardinetto da Severino

    11. Zuppa inglese, Venetian style

    12. Mele caramellate: Venetian candy apples

    13. Historical recipes for Thanksgiving: Torta bianca reale and crema rosada

    14. La Festa della Salute: Historical Background

    15. Educational series: How Venice coped with pandemics / 2

    16. Festa della Salute 2020 in Venice: Video

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Your hosts

Lina and Iris

Lina Teresa

Associazione Cavalieri di San Marco, founder of three restaurants in Venice. Co-Founder of La Venessiana

Lina is a member of the Cavalieri di San Marco Association, founded by former noble families of the Serenissima Republic of Venice in 1571, when Venice fought the all-decisive battle of Lepanto. She is 98 years old, and opened three restaurants and a hotel near Piazza San Marco. Lina is deeply interested in Venetian cuisine and garden heritage. Since 1968, she has taken care of the library and terraced gardens of San Zaccaria monastery in Venice. Lina's kitchen is the home of our spice atelier! For our online experiences, Lina provides the most wonderful inspiration, memories of the past, wisdom for the future, and very special stories about Venice.

Iris Loredana

Sustainability expert, Venetian culinary historian, spices and aromatherapy. Co-Founder of La Venessiana Magazine.

Iris was educated in Venice and Vienna: She speaks seven languages, amongst them Greek, Latin and Venessian, the former languages of Venice. Iris wrote her thesis on the ecology and urbanization of the Lagoon of Venice, and business in times of unprecedented change with a focus on Europe and the Veneto. Together with Lina, she started La Venessiana - The fragrant world of Venice in 2011. In her spare time, Iris loves developing recipes, taking photos, and researching ancient books on spices and on Venice.

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