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When the markets in Venice look orange like this, filled with squash, kaki and pomegranates and the weather smells of scirocco, the unstable winds of early autumn descend upon the Lagoon. For centuries, Venetian families used to prepare comfort food to prepare for this weather, lasting from mid-October well into early March. And most recipes survived in the Lagoon monasteries.

Until her 95th birthday in 2017, Lina regularly visited monasteries like San Francesco della Vigna, San Francesco del Deserto, the former monastery of San Lorenzo, and in particular, the monastery on the island San Lazzaro degli Armeni. Since 1968, Lina's home is the former guest house and garden of the monastery San Zaccaria, where she discovered dozens of recipes in the library.

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Published on 8 December 2021.

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The scirocco wind makes Venice stand still. And resist.

There's a forgotten island in the secret northern  Lagoon, overgrown with elderflowers and acacia. Herons and sea gulls nest in the wilderness, which was once one of the lushest monastery gardens in Venice. This island is called Madonna del Monte, located near San Francesco del Deserto and Sant'Erasmo.

 In 1988, Lina published two books called Le Mie Ricette: Recipe she learned to cook from her grandmother, dishes she cooked in her three restaurants in Venice. Recipes from the Lagoon where she grew up during the second world war before returning home to Venice in 1945. Menus she cooked for famous guests and artists like Marino Marin or Pope John Paul I who were regular guests at her dinner table. 

Discover Lina's family recipe journals, and creations she developed during the past 30 years: Personal favorites, and festive Venetian menus, such as the marzipan-blackberry summer tart or the manna-apple-Christmas cake. All recipes use natural ingredients, fruit and herbs of the Lagoon.

We chose recipes that are easy to make and whose ingredients are available internationally, so you can taste Lina's Venetian flavors at home!

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