Visiting Venice in 2020 & Getting back to hospitality

Venice, a historical city, where people live and work. This is how Venetians present their city.

When our grandmother Lina opened her hotel in Venice in September 1968, she had pictures taken of her first guests! And in this guide, we are sharing the stories she told them about Venice, and the recipe of the cake she offered at breakfast (and of course, you will see that picture!). Join us and get a first impression of our neighborhood and its secrets: hidden gardens and a favorite campo, and how Marco Polo's family lived and worked. This is the hospitality we envision for all guests of our city.

Be our guest and spend an hour with us, learning more about Venice

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2020 is dedicated to exploring Venetian creativity

See Marco Polo's neighborhood and discover one of the most beautiful squares in Venice

2020 is dedicated to the gardens of Venice

Did you know that almost half the city consists of private gardens?

2020 is dedicated to traveling responsibly

See how we live in Venice and be our guest in a private garden.

What's in your guide?

We introduce the 3 steps to exploring Venice, book tips and a special recipe.

  • 1

    The Roadmap

    • Welcome to the video guide

    • Exploring Venice in 3 steps

    • City Guide: Visiting Venice in 2020

  • 2

    The Visual Guides

    • Beautiful Venice: A city unveils her secrets

    • Creative Venice: Marco Polo's neighborhood

    • Green Venice: Paradise gardens

    • Visual books on Venice

  • 3

    What's next: Visiting Venice Responsibly

    • A gift from our terrace for you!

    • Your take-aways and what's next

Why is 2020 so important for Venice?

Venice will be officially 1600 years old in 2021! While the city is getting ready to celebrate, we take up positive trends for the future but also cover the risks that come with overtourism. The way you visit Venice changed during the past twenty years. This is why we are sharing three themes for responsible visitors to explore the city in 2020 and the following years!