Alchemia venexiana - of spices, blossoms, and essences

Alchemia Venexiana is a private space for everyone enrolled in our culinary membership LAGUNA IN CUCINA: Read news and updates, be the first to know behind-the-scenes stories, enjoy seasonal drinks and menus, and ask any question about botanical food and Venice :-)

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What's inside:

Botanical beauty food and precious spices

  • Ask any question about Venice or food you like. We love talking about Venetian topics! And of course, about botanical beauty food from the Lagoon!

  • Are you planning to visit Venice? In this space, we share exclusive tips where you can buy authentic Venetian specialties, and when they're in season. Every month, a couple of ideas to shop Venetian food will wait for you!

  • As this is also - and foremost - a community: Share your own personal stories of Venice, or favorite tips and recipes!

  • Special insights into historical recipes for delicious food and natural beauty from the Lagoon: A monthly masterclass, updates, little gifts, behind-the-scenes stories, seasonal botanical recipes, and so much more!